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K Brothers Jewellers
Website www.kbrosjewellers.com.auTrading

Tuesday - Friday 9.15am - 5.00pm
Saturday 10.15 - 3.00 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Contact 414 Sandgate Road ALBION QLD 4010
Phone (07) 3256 0999

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Company Information

K Bros Jewellers and Albion Clock Hospital are a family owned business with a history in the jewellery industry which stretches over 50 years.

Our unique business offers customers a wide range of specialised services. We offer jewellery design, manufacture, repair and sales, whilst also catering for clock and watch repairs, restoration and sales.

Our qualified on-site jewellers are renowned for providing the finest antique, estate and modern jewellery repairs and have earned a reputation for their craftsmanship, quality and integrity.

We ensure every customer in our store is given exceptional personalised service and our knowledgeable staff are genuinely interested in ensuring you find that distinctive and desirable piece of jewellery, unique clock or watch you have been searching for.

As a second-generation family-owned business, we enjoy trusted, long-standing relationships with our many valued customers and we look forward to helping you with your jewellery needs.

K Brothers Jewellers

  • Design and manufacture of handmade jewellery (Appointment Only). 
  • Engagement and wedding rings made to order. 
  • Jewellery repairs and remodelling. 
  • Bead Restringing, Engraving, Stone replacement and repolishing. 
  • Gold plating, rhodium plating and sympathetic finishes. 
  • Jewellery insurance valuations. 
  • Graduation rings, school rings. 
  • We Buy and Sell all types of jewellery / clocks / watches
Albion Clock Hospital
  • Watch service to mechanical and quartz watches. 
  • Watch Glass / stem / crown replacement. 
  • Dial restoration, band repining, repair, leather band replacement/clasp etc. 
  • Battery replacement, case restoration. 
  • Gold, Silver or Rhodium Case Plating. 
  • Pressure testing and seal replacement. 
  • Mechanical clock service and overhaul 
  • Clock Quartz clock repair. 
  • Clock Glass replacement, case restoration and repair. 
  • Clock Dial restoration. 
  • Clock and Watch Valuations.
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